Mindful Way Mens Group

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The Mindful Way Men’s Group

The Mindful Way Men's group is a mindfulness-based process group specifically for men who are looking to cultivate peace of mind and self-compassion in the company of other men. After a serious near-death experience in early 2019 I found myself struggling to comprehend my injury, meanwhile looking for a deeper connection with others.

The Mindful Way Men's group creates the space to have meaningful and open conversations with other men who've experienced loss, trauma, emotional difficulties, divorce, or have suffered in some personal way.


It's not uncommon to feel trapped and imprisoned by our thoughts. Mindless overthinking can leave us feeling alone and misunderstood. In The Mindful Way Men's group, you'll learn how to make peace with difficult emotions, identify mental roadblocks keeping you stuck, cultivate a sense of purpose, and get moving with what truly matters in your life.

Each group session is one hour in duration. We'll utilize brief meditation exercises to practice bringing an awareness to the present moment. While this group incorporates brief meditations, the primary focus will be about learning and utilizing mindfulness skills to reconnect with yourself and with what's important in your life.

* Be on time as we lock the doors. No late arrivals permitted.

* Be respectful of all attendees. There's no need to be offensive.

* Be willing to open up and share.


If you’re interested in joining, email me at Hello@MentalEvents.com to be added to the list.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
— Victor Frankl