Mindfulness Field Journal

Mindfulness Field Journal


The Mindfulness Field Journal makes your thoughts feel more workable, and less like commands. Shown to be insightful interventions, the daily prompts encourage simple mindfulness check-ins that challenge your perceptions.

The Mindfulness Field Journal is an on-the-go companion that covers the following sections over two pages.

1. Purposefully noticing your breath. Noticing your breath in the morning and later in the evening reinforces purposely tapping into the here and now. Notice whether the movement of your breath is currently at an in-breath, out-breath, or static - which is the moment when the breath is in between the in or out breath.

2. Purpose and Mindful Intention: In this section, you’re prompted to identify one thing you can do with absolute purpose, with intention that day. This prompt reminds us to connect with our higher self.

3. Perception and awareness of mind: This section prompts you to begin noticing patterns of what you perceive to be pleasant, unpleasant, and neutral experiences. These experiences can be thoughts, feelings, moods, behaviors, etc. The point is to observe your daily experiences; what you cling to, what you avoid, what you enjoy, all with an intent to notice how your beliefs impact your life.

4. Impermanent Disturbances: This section encourages you to notice your negative, ruminative thoughts that seem to spin on repeat. Rumination tends to make us feel worse when we try to control our thoughts and feelings. By noticing which negative thoughts seem to be in control of you, the intention is to disarm judgmental thinking.

5. About/Face: Instead of continuing to give up, or give in to what you don’t like, the About/Face section encourages you to willingly take action, and address what you’ve been putting off or avoiding. About/Face is about doing the small, important things first.

Journal Details:

The journal is 13x19 cm (5.11 x 7.4 inches). 250 gram Kraft paper cover and back. It is perfect bound. There are 192 pages total, 96 sheets, and the first 18 pages introduce the journal and how to use it. Each day that you use the Mindfulness Field Journal requires filling out the left and right hand side.

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