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Somewhere within you there’s a quiet awareness, a presence.

When’s the last time you made contact?

Not knowing that you’re thinking happens to all of us. With an awakened mind, thoughts no longer function as automatic commands.

Inhabiting the present moment is more than centering yourself, it’s having an awareness for what’s really happening.

Are you aware of what drives your decision-making?

MENTAL EVENTS is a platform for anyone interested in choosing to live fully in the here and now.

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About Todd Brossart

Todd is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and mindfulness instructor who attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2004, and a Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Denver in 2008.

Todd has been trained in several evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Substance Use Disorders (CBT-SUD), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Moral-Reconation Therapy (MRT).

Todd received honors in 2004 when he was awarded the Outstanding Student Social Work award by the North Dakota Conference of Social Welfare. In 2009, he received the Secretary’s Award for Outstanding Service to Homeless Veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs at the National Veterans Homeless Summit. And in 2013, Todd was presented with an Award of Merit for his clinical service to the Adams County Veterans Treatment Court in Brighton, CO.

Currently working in a substance use disorders clinic, Todd facilitates mindfulness-meditation groups, as well as incorporates mindfulness into individual sessions. As the creator of Mental Events, he brings ten years of post-Masters experience to the curricula.