Step into stillness.

Disarm judgment.

Mindfulness in action: 

Become present. Do what matters.


Thoughts aren't harmless.

They take shape as actions, then develop into habits, eventually hardening into character.



Mindfulness Field Journal

How many thoughts have you had so far today? Which type of thoughts seem to repeatedly sidetrack you, or keep you from living a purposeful life?

The Mental Events Field Journal is designed to challenge your beliefs, and perceptions of pleasant and unpleasant experiences, all while moving you in the direction of the person you wish to become. 

After completing the Mindfulness Field Journal, look back on your notes to gain greater awareness and understanding of who you think ME actually is.


At Ease: Mobilizing Mindfulness Course & Workbook (Coming Soon)

Trapped by your inner critic and self-defeating thoughts? The At Ease: Mobilizing Mindfulness Course and printable workbook offers a roadmap to transform your relationship with the wandering mind. Discover how the present-moment can guide you in becoming more compassionate and understanding of automatic thinking.

 In the course you’ll learn how to:

  • Make contact with the present moment.

  • Disarm judgmental thinking. 

  • Make thoughts more workable and less rigid.

  • Become more responsive to impulses and urges versus reactive.

  • Take mindful action despite experiencing negative feelings.

Somewhere inside, we hear a voice, and intuitively know the answer to any problem or situation we encounter. Our voice leads us in the direction of the person we wish to become, but it is up to us whether or not to follow.
— Pat Tillman